Saturday, August 02, 2008

Social Media Camp Austin 2008

This past week I enjoyed a few days out of town in Austin, Texas. On Wednesday, I attended the Social Media Camp Austin event at Thistle Cafe. I expected a small cramped cafe and was pleasantly surprised how large Thistle Cafe was and how nice the staff was. This is definitely a place to hangout with your friends or sit and have lunch or a coffee in the heart of downtown Austin. The wireless seemed inadequate for our large group, but they probably aren't setup to accept that many folks at once. This is the one time I can say, I was glad to have a Sprint wireless usb card and was working from the event steady without a dropped connection.

My usually Camp buddies were there, Erica O'Grady, Whurley and Giovanni Gallucci. Got to meet some of my Twitter friends too. I didn't go to the Mashable Summer Mash event, but had a great time seeing the 1.5 million female bats take flight from under the Congress Avenue bridge with my sister. The best place to see them is from the TGI Friday's Restaurant on the North East side of the bridge.

See one of the bats photos below:

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