Saturday, February 28, 2009

Piano Lovers Keyboard Bible

I love piano. At a young age I took piano lessons and even accordion for awhile. Repeating piano lessons later once when I was pregnant with my son and once a few years ago when Mars Music was still around in Houston.

Recently, I came across this book and dvd combo at Barnes and Noble, called “Totally Interactive Keyboard Bible”. I think this is the best $30 I ever spent.

Janette Mason and Steve Lodder take you from Blues and the Piano to Early Keyboard Styles, Rock, Synthesizer, the 80's and Contemporary Keyboard Styles. They show different piano’s, organs, synthesizers and history of various types of music from boogie, gospel, blues, jazz, regae and more.

The book comes with music sheets of various types of music that include the actual music on a CD. So, you can hear each piece and how it should sound.

It's a wonderful collection. There's even a section on history of the piano and biographies of many pianists such as Bud Powell (bebop), Fats Domino (rock n roll), Ray Charles (soul), Little Richard (rock n roll), Jerry Lee Lewis (high-energy boogie-woogie), Billy Preston, Steve Winwood, Steve Wonder and others.

Ingrid Kast Fuller

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